The Basics – Birth Kit Remedies, Dosage and Prescribing


If you are exploring homeopathy and feel like you would like to include it in your birth plan, your postpartum support system and possibly for your baby I am going to give you some basics to stocking a birth kit, potency choices, brands to consider and how to dose.  Homeopathy is a safe medicine for pregnant women and babies – of all ages.  This will be an ongoing mini series so stayed tuned.  Here is your first installment…..

Remedies to Stock for Birth and Beyond

Arnica 200C – the word Arnica is the name of the remedy, the 200C is the potency of the remedy that I recommend during pregnancy and postpartum.  It is also the potency I would choose for babies and children.

 The idea is to match the potency of the remedy with the vitality of the person and the intensity of the symptoms.  

Bellis 200Cthis is a specific remedy for bruising to soft tissues.  This can also be useful for bruised breasts in the postpartum.

Calendula tincture and ointment – use in tincture form in your peri bottle during postpartum healing.  Use the ointment for diaper cream, in place of petroleum or zinc based ointments.

Aconite 1M – transition, fear of the pain, fear from an old trauma that has not resolved – i.e a traumatic first birth.  Babies that have been through resuscitation.

For detailed information on exactly how and when to take these remedies please refer to my e-books available on my website –


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