How to Align your Head and your Body for your Birth


If you want to create a birth experience that matches your heart consider the following suggestions:

  • allow yourself care providers – midwives, doctors and doulas that match your philosophy of giving birth. Ideally you feel happy spending time with them – loved and cared for.
  • place of birth is a location that feels safe.  You can imagine being naked there, being observed, moving around, spending time in the bathroom, the lighting and doorways are suitable and the temperature is adjustable for you.
  • during pregnancy cocoon yourself – be unavailable for negative stories, TV shows and books.  Be disciplined in what you allow into your mind as you create this vision – just keep asking yourself – “what do I want to create?”
  • think about language that resonates with you – do you like the word contractions, dilation, bloody show etc.  Can you find language that is more encouraging for your body and ask your partner and care providers to use this language?
  • remember that BOTH you and your babe are co-creating this experience.  Trust that the way it unfolds may not make perfect sense in the moment,  but the vast opportunity that exists in birth can come across in many ways.  TRUST yourself and your baby.
  • using homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition helps you to communicate more deeply with your body both physically and emotionally.  In this way the guidance about what you need will be more specific, they are all ways to access your own sense of self –

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