The Language of your BODY

Your body is an expert at expression of emotion.  Physical symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you, letting you know if you are overriding alarm, fatigue or grief.  Some of the most common expressions include stomach aches, headaches, exhaustion, frozen shoulders, excessive bleeding during menses or skin eruptions.

During labor this can be experienced as;

  • going postdates
  • stalling in labor
  • becoming stuck at particular points in labor – especially 6 cm
  • hemorrhage after birth
  • breastfeeding difficulties – especially mastitis

Make a commitment to listen to your body.  Using homeopathic medicine to support yourself means that you will need to be tuned in to this feedback loop.  You will make the connections between how you are feeling emotionally and what physical symptoms are linked to those emotions.

When you experience a physical symptom ask yourself what you need and respond.  More sleep, more support, better food, more water – nourish and nurture and feel well.



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