Trust your Instincts….

Mothers and babies almost always need the same homeopathic remedy or one from the same family of remedies up until 3 years of age.  After this point they seem to start using the word “I” and energetically creating their own, unique experiences.  Before the age of three I feel like mothers and babies are energetically connected.  Information passes back and forth both through the breast milk and through the physical connection on a cellular level.  For example; the second that your baby’s saliva touches your nipple you receive information about the components your baby needs in that moment.  If they need extra water because it is hot – your milk composition changes, if they have come into contact with an infected person their saliva will request the antibodies needed and your milk will adapt.  This seamless communication goes on even when you are not nursing.

TRUST yourself.  You know your baby better than anyone.

When I take the case of a baby,  most of the time is spent asking the mother how she is feeling – physically and emotionally.  Most times her range of expression is translating to the baby.  I can then treat the mother and support the baby.

How do you stay connected and support your baby every day? Speak to them about what is happening and how you are feeling.  Fill in the gaps for them – this doesn’t mean rant and rage  but  let them know that you are feeling frustrated, agitated or sad.

As always with children there is a level  of accountability, once you acknowledge how you feel it is important to ask yourself how you plan to address what you are experiencing. In this way they are by your side for the full experience – the anger, the expression and then the working through the problem.  Treat babies with the same level of respect and integrity that you would any other person you love dearly, learn to receive the love and support they are entirely capable of offering to you.

xo Piper


One thought on “Trust your Instincts….

  1. I find this article so intriguing. In this society people are so lost fro them selves I rarely find a mom who is in touch with herself or even believes in herself. They are too busy reading or learning from some ‘expert’ and completely denies the inner value they have.
    When I am asked for advice about a issue, either baby or mom, I am often shocked at the number who rush to the emergency room for the slightest thing!
    Your article brings up the simple and high value of trusting in your inner voice, your ability to ‘know’ what to do and be for another. Thanks!


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