The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – E-Book

The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy is an E-Book I created after attending births and educating midwives for years on the use of homeopathy during pregnancy and birth.  The Guide is a 30 page booklet that gives specific advice on homeopathic remedies for pregnancy, labour, postpartum and newborn care.

Pay attention - create the Birth you imagine for yourself!

An excerpt from The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy:

“There are two positions that babies get into that require the gentle reminder of a remedy. One is breech, the other is posterior.

This means the baby has its head up (usually under your ribs) instead of
head down. The remedy to take to remind a baby to move head down is Pulsatilla

Dosage:  two pellets of Pulsatilla 200C and within 24 hours a baby will turn head down if he/she is able.  If there is a problem with the position of the cord or the placenta then he/she will remain breech.  

This means that the baby has its back facing your back instead of facing out. To shift a
posterior baby the remedy to take is Kali Carbonicum 200C.This will remind your
baby that there is an easier, smoother way to be born. A posterior baby is the position
that can create a “back labour” for women which is usually a longer, more painful
Dosage: two pellets of Kali Carb 200C will usually assist a posterior baby in
turning. Within 24 hours the baby will turn. If taken in labour use a 1:10 time
frame meaning that if back labour has existed for 1 hour within 6 minutes you will
see a change. Either the baby will move, the woman will want to shift into another
position to assist the movement or within a few contractions the baby will make a rotation.”

If you are seeking homeopathic advice during Pregnancy, Labour or Postpartum this Guide is for you.  Some of the topics covered include:


  • Morning sickness
  • achieving healthy iron levels
  • optimal fetal positioning


  • induction of labour
  • fear and anxiety during labour
  • remedies for dilation and pushing


  • remedies to take in the immediate postpartum
  • remedies for breastfeeding
  • homeopathy for birth trauma – mothers and babies

This is a detailed, comprehensive guide to using homeopathy safely and effectively to create an amazing birth experience.  It is available on my website at for $20.00CAD.



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