How daydreaming will improve your breastfeeding experience…..

Do you have an adrenaline addiction?  A constant state of being “ON”?  I find this is one of the major factors that interfere with mothers and babes having a successful breastfeeding relationship.  It is very difficult to go from being ON in your pace and lifestyle to then dedicating hours and hours to sitting, connecting, nursing and being present.

Be present with the BLISS

This can often drive new mothers crazy!  What’s the solution?

Practice being quiet and doing NOTHING.

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation
  • Daydreaming time
  • Go to bed 15 min. early and just chill.
  • Sit and Stare

sounds strange?  it will make a difference when it comes time to sit down and be present every 2 hours with a babe.

This is the first connection your baby makes on earth.  Be there for it.




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