Choose your Birth ~ The Creation Project ~ the New Prenatal Standard

What if starting today, we as women decided to set a new standard. Both in our birth experiences and the way we engage with our partners, care providers and other women in our orbit.

  • From conception, through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum ~ what would you choose for yourself?
  •   What if you could use the principles of Quantum Physics to guide yourselves through pregnancy, birth and postpartum?
  • What if you could imagine how you wanted to feel and actively create that experience for you and your baby?

I am currently involved with a magical, manifesting group called The Creation Project.  We  teach people how to actively create their lives.  We ask them to examine their beliefs, thoughts and the reality they are a living example of.  We then challenge them to declare what it is they really want and start to work towards the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that will support that new vision.

We use creative work, writing, yoga and lifestyle to support and guide people through this process and enable them to practice it on their own.

I am so curious to see if  women seek out this type of support during their pregnancies.  It has been my experience as a homeopath that women do create their birth experiences, typically through default manifesting.  What this means is that the thing women most DO NOT want is the thing they create in their birth.

The reason is,  it is the thing receiving the most energy.  “I don’t want a cesarean, I don’t want a cesarean”… results in a Cesarean birth. Fear is huge energy and fear is what is currently dictating how most births play out.  It takes a lot of conscious work to create something different then what we are being fed in the media and by the women in our orbits.

The simple ability to focus forward on what you DO want, how you DO want to feel through all the stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond will create much more of a possibility of the birth you desire.  There is a difference between “doing” all the right things for your best birth experience and “feeling” right about your birth experience.

Belief + Emotions = Experience

Seek out The Creation Project.  It is a new and innovative way to engage with your birth and your life.  What if all of this was possible? Pictures and ALLLLLLL?!

To contact us and be aware of upcoming events please access our blog – or like us on Facebook.

xo Piper


2 thoughts on “Choose your Birth ~ The Creation Project ~ the New Prenatal Standard

  1. Piper — I am so grateful for your work (and can’t wait to take a course as an aspiring doula!) and for The Creation Project (when is there an event I can be a part of in Toronto?)… I wholeheartedly know that I sought out and created the birth experiences I had, the first a homebirth and the second a cesarean birth. Without the latter experience though I don’t think I would have awokened so sharply to understanding the extremes of birth in our culture, what women go through regardless of their situation or birth plans. What is unique perhaps about both my births is that they arrived from a place of understanding, acceptance and yes, even peace.

    I very much look forward to our paths crossing someday soon…


  2. This concept is so true. I love the pictures. Who wouldn’t? And I love that you are teaching women to create their own birth experience. It really does work. Our minds are so amazingly powerful. I used this birth meditation when I was pregnant and my birth turned out exactly, literally exactly, as I had imagined.


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