Movers and Shakers

Exercise is one of the ways I keep my sanity as a mother.  It is a hard thing to make a priority in the list of  food prep, laundry, work, sleep, shower, etc. etc.  It doesn’t seem to be something that happens with the “free time” left over at the end of the day, it is something that just has to happen in order for me to function at the level of mother, wife, homeopath, friend, etc. that I want to be.

So – I literally throw myself out the door towards a yoga class, for a run, a bike ride – anything that is accessible and will fit into my day/evening.  I have had to change stories about myself like – I can’t run unless I’ve eaten first, I can’t run early in the morning, I can’t exercise at night, I’m too tired, I don’t have enough time …..I know it is how I function best.  The more exercise I do the better, happier and smoother I feel.  IF you feel the same I have a suggestion for busy mothers – Sunrise Yoga.  You are up anyway right? So why not tuck in some exercise to begin your day with the loving, grounded energy yoga can provide.  Zen Bones Yoga is an oasis of calm, solid energy.  The mentors are loving and your body will LOVE you all day long.  xo Piper


One thought on “Movers and Shakers

  1. This post struck a chord with me; how many times have I said “I can’t work out in the morning”, “I can’t find any time” or any other similar excuse?! Too many. So this morning I got my @$$ outta bed extra early and went for a run. Now I feel wonderful, what a perfect way to start out the week! Thanks for the inspiration! Love Kristin XO


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