LOVE the mammas

Yesterday I posted a link to a video from Elephant Journal of a newborn baby receiving the most loving bath EVER.  The love and care that went into that experience was profound and I felt like it really impacted me.  It seemed like it had a similar effect on everyone else that watched it – especially the new mammas.

Skip Your Morning Meditation & Watch this Instead.


This Video Will Do in Five Minutes What Takes Your Meditation Two Hours.

I am going to imagine that this visual can set the stage for our new expectation of care for our babies.  Two women commented that they would love to be receiving the same level of care – “I would pay big bucks to be that baby!” Hilarious but it struck me that why not? Why can’t we receive that same loving care as we are initiated into being mothers?  We are just as open and new as a baby in those days following our birth experience.  Here are some suggestions:

The next time you have a woman in your life that has a babe extend your most loving self to her.

  • Visit with food for her – snacks that she can have beside her bed, nutritious and filled with love.
  • Draw her a bath.
  • Change her sheets.
  • Snuggle with her in bed.
  • Just come with time to spend doing nothing but hanging out.
  • Fold laundry and make her laugh.
  • Tell her how amazing she is, how she inspires you and how you feel about her.

I am just curious how we could experience postpartum with these elements firmly in place.  LOVE each other.

xo Piper


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