Big Babies and Small Babies – Which Size is Just Right for YOU?

Children, Baby new born
Children, Baby new born (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a lot of guidelines about issues in pregnancy and birth that are bizarre because no one actually has control over them.  One of these topics is the size of your baby.  Big babies are suspect, small babies are suspect – there is a thin, thin line of acceptability in terms of weight and size for babies.

What if your baby was exactly the right size for you?

What if your health care practitioners had to work around you and the size of your individual baby?

What if guidance was given to facilitate birth rather than react to birth?

What do I mean by this?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Chiropractic care all through your pregnancy will create beautiful alignment in your body, which in turn creates free passage for your baby.
  • Free passage = a faster labour
  • Nutritional guidance – prenatally – consult with a nutritionist – ask how to create nutrient dense eating habits – as a mother you get LESS time to eat, find out how to eat so that every bite counts.
  • Let go of the way you think birth “should” be and allow yourself to dream a little about the birth you want.  Specifically what kind of support do you want during the pregnancy, labour and postpartum.  Imagine having care providers that SEE you and your baby.  This is in contrast to people who slot you into a category of care.
  • What if you care provider could hold the possibility of what you were really capable of? What if they even asked that question of you?

The first birth I ever had the honor of attending was a posterior home birth – 10 lb baby girl.  The mother was a wee wisp of a girl, laboring along, surrounded by midwives and myself completely trusting that she was capable of smoothly giving birth to this baby.  The babe was born, latched beautifully and the new relationship was on its way.  Simple when no fear is involved.  This is the crucial difference.


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