Manifest YOUR Birth Experience

How to Manifest the Birth that Feels right for you.

Create your intention – in a feeling way around your birth experience.  Come up with language that matches – i.e:  safe, loved, surrounded, free, grounded etc.

Align yourself with people, information and situations that match this language.  Be SERIOUS about this intention.  Protect yourself from negativity, anything with potential charge, trauma stories and feelings.

Work through all the potential scenarios that you can imagine and feel your way towards retaining that sense of your intention.  How will you manage feeling safe, loved, surrounded, free and grounded in the hospital, interacting with doctors, dealing with your mother etc. etc.

If you practice and align the feeling throughout your pregnancy this will just get easier and easier to pull up when you need and want it.  This is manifesting.

For more information on learning how to use your manifesting powers in creating your life please check out

The Creation Project on Facebook.


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