The Homeopathic Babe – Letting them Cry it OUT

I see many mothers and babies in my practice and one of the common issues that arises during these conversations circles around sleep and the belief around babies crying it out.

The one element that every mother has in common is that listening to your baby cry alone while you try to sleep or allow them to fall back asleep feels terrible.

Generally my approach with all mothers is to encourage them to trust their instinct, their gut, their feelings, their intuitive knowingness as a mother.  When our babies cry and we respond it is the natural and complementary response between a mother and baby.  We feel uncomfortable for a reason, all the books and advice in the world do not matter when your baby is crying. Perhaps you do want to change something in your sleep ritual and your baby is resisting – that is real, however feeling distressed is not going to make your baby feel calm.  You need to continue honing the shift until it suits both of you. The only right way is the way that feels right, when something sits well with you I think you will generally find your baby more accepting of that change.


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