The Homeopathic Babe – Diaper Rash and Thrush

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Air Time!

To treat Diaper rash in a simple way try first giving your babe lots of air time.  Find a warm, perhaps sunny spot in your home, lay out a change mat and allow your baby to just spend time diaper free.  Spend time in this way 2-3 times throughout the day, allowing their skin to be free of the moist, heated environment of the diaper.  If you are breastfeeding and able to apply breast milk to their skin do this – it is full of antibodies and will  positively affect their skin, especially if there are open spots and cracks.

Diaper Creams

Do your best to AVOID diaper creams.  Diaper creams tend to be pure chemicals – petroleum or zinc and these are not the components your baby needs to heal their skin.   They do not need to be applied every time you change a diaper.  If you have a sensitive baby they may also be reacting to the commercial diaper wipes.  You can find natural products or simply use wash clothes with warm water.


A thrush or yeast based diaper rash usually looks like small, raised red bumps on the skin.  This can come out of yeast being passed on by the mamma or antibiotic use during birth or postpartum.  The mother and babe should be taking acidophilus daily until this clears.  There are specific homeopathic remedies that are very helpful in clearing thrush – for more specific information on this please see below.


If you feel the need for an ointment try Calendula ointment – a homeopathic products made of marigold flowers.  It will prevent infection and speed the healing of the top layer of skin.  Try a test patch before you apply it to make sure that it is compatible with your baby.  If you baby is reacting to it then you can administer the same remedy in a pellet – Calendula 30C – 2 pellets twice a day will have the same beneficial effect.

To learn more about using homeopathy with your baby please refer to my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy with a special newborn section.

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