The Homeopathic Babe – Pink Eye, Goopy Eyes and other crusty stuff

Babies will often discharge mucus through their eyes.  Although it is a positive for the body to express and discharge, ideally the mucus will come out of the nose instead of the eyes.  Remedies can redirect the flow from the eyes to the nose quite easily and there will be no need for antibiotic drops or trips to the doctor.  Breast milk squirted directly in the eye is my number one recommendation for young babies that are still receiving breast milk.  Breast milk is FULL of antibodies and will quickly and easily address inflammation in the eye.

Immagine di un bambino
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There are three main remedies for eyes that become red, discharge mucus and get crusted during sleep.

Pulsatilla 200C

Pulsatilla eyes are changeable, it will look better, then terrible then clear – all in the span of one day.  The mood will follow this – with the babe being weepy, then happy and then weepy again.  Through it all they prefer lots of affection and close contact with their parents.  The discharge tends to be thick and yellow – if there is mucus emerging from the nose it will be similar.

Medorrhinum 1M

Medorrhinum babies are stomach sleepers, they are night people, prefer to sleep in later in the morning and stay up late into the night.  They are quite intense little people – being very clear about what they like or dislike and have strong wills and forceful ways of expressing this.  Medorrhinum babies tend to get very bad diaper rashes – the kind that blisters, opens and is like red-hot fire.  The eye goop is more green than yellow and they can simultaneously be seen as snuffly babies – they sound like Darth Vader when they are sleeping from the time they are born, as if they are constantly stuffed up.

Mercurius 200C

Mercurius babies have green eye discharge, green nose discharge and often slimy, loose stool.  They drool and sweat and seem to want to find lots of ways to expel from their bodies.  They are very sensitive babies – there is a small window of time, temperature and environment in which they feel best and if that is not happening they have BIG reactions.  Reactions as if they are being killed.  This remedy state is often connected to any invasive procedure such as vaccination.

For more specific information on using homeopathy for babes please visit my website – and check out my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy with a special section for baby care.


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