The Homeopathic Babe – Do they really get sick from Daycare, School, Siblings etc???

One of the most common ideas that I need to break down for new parents is that babies get sick from exposure to “germs”.  I know that all our programming reinforces this idea but if we really think about it could it possibly be true?  If it were true then wouldn’t we all be sick every single time we passed by a “germ”?  Consider the idea that our bodies have to be available for illness in order to engage with it.  It has to be a possibility for us.  Babies are co-creating their experience here, the same way we are.

Illness after starting daycare or school is a child’s clear response to change and stress.  Daycare means a huge shift for them from being in their own homes with their primary care providers – mamma – to creating relationships with new people.  These relationships at the age of one or younger mean survival so they are pretty highly charged.  They are also being asked to orient themselves in new environments

Child 1
Child 1 (Photo credit: Tony Trần)

– relationship with a space, with the other children in that space, with new routines, food, stimulation.  All of these factors create awareness and draw on their ability to be capable but that can also be stressful for a little person.  Children are amazingly clear about this.  They don’t override their stress like adults do – we don’t have time to get sick – they just express it right out of their bodies.  This is the connection between illness in children and daycare – the mucus, the fevers, ear infections and coughs are all forms of expression.  Think of the body as an overflow valve – anything they do not wish to hang on to is discharged and they are able to build a new way of being in the world.  Holding on it to or suppressing it creates anxiety, distress, sleep disturbances etc. etc.  Allow your children to work through the process of adapting by creating buffers when they are sick.  Support them with homeopathy, chiropractic, excellent nutrition and low stimulation when they are home.  Make sure there are lots of alternatives to daycare for the first year – some children need to adapt in small doses – allow them to set the pace.  They are brilliant if you follow their lead.


2 thoughts on “The Homeopathic Babe – Do they really get sick from Daycare, School, Siblings etc???

  1. I’d like to know your opinion on cell salts and sickness – whenever my son would start to get a cold I would give him ferr phos and calc phos and it would stop the cold from forming. Is this suppressive or curative? Would it be better to let him experience the cold?


    1. Hello, thank you for your question, remedies and tissue salts will support and move a child through a cold. It is not suppressive, just helping the discharge move through quickly without becoming stuck or infected. Hope this helps, warmly, Piper


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