The Homeopathic Babe – Super Sensitive People

My Homeopathic Babe post will focus on Super Sensitive babies today – I have a special place in my heart for these babies because our world (in this North American society) really does not do much to protect or allow these children to unfold at their own pace.  Super sensitive babies are in reality probably all babies, some just seem to tolerate over-stimulation better than others.

I would suggest that in many cases of colic and reflux babies are simply pushed beyond their limits and exhibit their stress through their digestive system.  Some of the remedies for colic and reflux definitely reflect this relationship between an inability to tolerate noise, light, intense energy, movement or a fast pace.  A remedy such as Nux vomica falls into this category of a babe that reacts through colic symptoms any time their environment is just overwhelming to them.  As adults it is hard to understand why even leaving the bedroom can be overstimulating but if you think of babies as having no ability to filter – noise, light, movement or energy then you will begin to understand why babies use screaming and writhing to change their environment to better suit their needs.  Most of us react to this by trying to do MORE – shushing, moving, wrapping, unwrapping, distracting etc.  Try doing LESS.  Wrap, dim the lights, speak little and quietly, sit calmly.

Traces of vernix caseosa on a full term newborn.
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Another less known remedy for people who are extremely sensitive is a remedy made of Vernix.  Vernix is the white, protective layer on our skin while we are in utero, most babies are born with some evidence of this still intact.  Think of this as a second skin.  When someone needs Vernix literally everything can feel distressing to them, the slightest touch, sound, movement will create a desire to go inward and withdraw.  Babies that need Vernix feel overwhelmed by their environment, react to any environmental agents with big allergic reactions and skin outbreaks of various kinds.  They feel attacked, threatened and their response is to withdraw.  This is a potential remedy for children with autism.  Everything is just too much.

Babies do not need swimming lessons, infant stimulation classes, mom and baby yoga, music etc.  The mothers need stimulation and connection – the babes need to be at home, quiet, peaceful and grounded to begin their lives.  I love babies so much I will continue to be a voice for them as much as I possibly can.  This kind of information is not to create guilt but just to ask mothers to check in with how it feels to be out with a baby – I seldom see a mom that feels relaxed and grounded in the prep to leave the house or the being out.  There is a reason for this.


3 thoughts on “The Homeopathic Babe – Super Sensitive People

  1. I’m just curious about when you think a baby is ready for things like swimming lessons and music, etc.? My baby is 11 months and I thought it would be a good idea to put her in swimming lessons soon just to introduce her to the water. Would this be to stimulating? When is it a good idea to venture out of the house more?


    1. Hi Rebecca, I think the water is good in season – in a lake, natural surroundings – the pool is usually a set up for too much noise, light and people and I see lots of babies getting sick after swimming lessons, especially in the winter months. Just think about seeing everything for the first time, the more natural settings just are more peaceful, they are allowed to take in information at a different pace then perhaps the mall or grocery store. Check in with how you feel in different environments and then imagine it from a fresh, new perspective.


  2. A lovely post. We all need reminding to do less when we are overwhelmed. I feel blessed that I read this today as it will help me to remember to do this for my sensitive son and gorgeous new niece. Vernix is a great remedy for adults and children alike who need that protective layer restoring. x x x


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