The Homeopathic Babe – Crying and Shrieking, Teething and Pain

The next remedy in my remedy series for babies is Chamomilla.

Echte Kamille (Matricaria recutita)
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Chamomilla is a remedy that is extremely sensitive and reactive to PAIN.

Chamomilla babies react to pain by SHRIEKING.

They are CAPRICIOUS – unable to figure out what they need or want.  They seem to want to be held but MUST BE MOVING! They might want to nurse but pull off shrieking every 2 minutes, want a toy then fling it away etc.

WORSE FROM TOUCH – the last thing a Chamomilla baby wants is your finger in their mouth.  This will make them angry and the shrieking will increase.  They are sensitive to pain and touch definitely aggravates the sensations.

FACE will have one red cheek.

Chamomilla can be used for anything causing pain in which the person is reacting as I have described above.  With regard to babies this usually occurs during teething and ear infections.

What will Chamomilla do?  Ease the pain and allow them to SLEEP.

Try 2 pellets of Chamomilla 1M one time.  If it works then just leave it alone, if it works then wears off you can give another dose.  If it doesn’t change anything then you have the wrong remedy.  If you thought it was Chamomilla but it didn’t work then the next remedy to consider would be either Nux vomica or Coffea.  More on those remedies in upcoming posts.

There are teething “combinations and formulas”  available at the health food store.  If those work it is because one of the remedies in it is the remedy your baby needs.  If you can figure out which one it is and give it in a higher potency in a single dose it will have a much more dynamic and lasting effect.

If you have specific questions on homeopathy and babies please take a look on my website at my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy which contains a section on newborn and baby homeopathic care.  My website –


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