Cough Remedies for Babies

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Homeopathy has several excellent cough remedies and babies tend to get a few specific types of coughs.

WET cough

Antimonium Tartaricum 200C

This remedy is excellent for babies and the elderly as the chest is full of mucus but they do not have either the  strength or the know how to expel mucus from their chest.  They will typically be sweaty with a low fever and tired.  Usually people in this state are not discharging from their nose so on taking the remedy they will start to have a runny nose, this is preferable to it staying in the chest.  Babies also will tend to either vomit or poop out mucus – the remedy will facilitate this movement.  Prop your babe up in the bed by folding a blanket and placing it under the fitted sheet, usually babies in this state will want to sleep lying on your chest, sitting in a car seat or propped up.   Ant-tart 200C – two pellets one time, wait and see what shifts, the mucus should start to emerge.

DRY Coughs – Croup

Aconite 1M – wakes at midnight (or thereabouts) with a high fever, fright and a dry, barking croup cough.  Usually everyone is panicked and Aconite will soothe the inflammation, the fever and the fright.

once the Aconite state passes the next remedy to follow is usually Spongia 200C….

Spongia 200C – This remedy is a croup remedy.  It has the characteristic, DRY, barking cough.  The dryness is an important part of the picture, the cough is dry, the lips are dry, the nose is dry.  Once the dryness starts to change and the cough becomes mucusy another remedy will be necessary to move through that phase of the illness.

Hepar Sulph 200C – This is the last remedy that is usually needed to finish croup.  It is mucusy and the child is usually quite sensitive and bad-tempered.


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