Cold Stress and Babes

Babies will cry more and sleep poorly if they are underdressed.  In this weather babies need to be layered with warm, woolen clothing and a wind proof one piece snowsuit.  Look to places like Mountain Equipment Co-op and almost any other warm, winter clothing company like Patagonia etc.  If we want to be dressed in proper, warm outdoor gear it applies doubly to our babies.  These companies that make practical, warm baby outdoor wear, it is washable and sturdy.

A HAT for all weather!


Your baby should always be wearing a hat.  It will create a calmer baby.  Their fontanelles are still open to the world and they need protection.  Choose hats that are  close fitting, warm and SOFT.   Lots of babies sweat on their heads, this is not a sign they are too warm.  Sweat is the most functional way your body has of discharging and babies have the discharging down! when they are new.  All the encounters they have with chemicals etc. passes through and out – sweat is efficient because it doesn’t get stuck or infected.


Most people notice that their babies sleep well in their car seats and for some babies it is the only place they will sleep.  I think the secret of this is warmth and tight wrapping.  What if you layered your baby, including a hat for sleep and then swaddled them with a warm blanket? I think it would be as successful, your baby would sleep longer and it would not be difficult to get them to sleep.  This tight wrapping soothes the nervous system and the warmth is the degree they need to be comfortable. They are not boiling in a snowsuit, hat and shoes in their car seat.  They need to be warm and wrapped when they sleep.  Wrap as long as you have a big enough blanket.  Babies that are premature or have had a challenging birth especially need this sleep environment.

Nux vomica 200C

one of the most sensitive and chilly babies is Nux vomica.  Nux vomica is a remedy for babies that get colic from overstimulation.  This can be very slight or things we do not perceive as stimulating such as leaving their bedroom.  They need things to be very quiet, calm and warm.

Warm up your babes and see if that helps the sleep and calm time during the day.  For more information on homeopathic treatment for babies please visit my website and access my e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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