Homeopathic Medicine for Postpartum Depression

Woman in a rowing boat

Homeopathy is an excellent choice if you are experiencing postpartum depression because it is safe for you and your breastfed baby. Homeopathic medicine  works in a deeply curative way.  The difference in using homeopathic medicine to treat depression is that you will be asked to consider why you are feeling low – it is not just put down to a hormonal shift and treated as a temporary thing.  I commonly see Postpartum depression in situations such as:

  • women that are sexual abuse survivors that have had a c-section or a traumatic birth
  • women that are recovering memory of sexual abuse through their birth experience
  • women having a third baby, something about three seems to tip the edge of feeling out of control
  • women that are depressed in their “normal” lives but keep themselves too busy to feel
  • women that have used substance, work, exercise other coping measures that are not as available in the postpartum time
  • women with challenging relationships – now they are vulnerable and more aware of the position they are in
In all of these situations women need guidance, to discover what it is that is creating the distress and then a plan to find their way back.  Homeopathic case taking fits the bill.  It takes you through your life to understand how patterns are created and re-inforced and understanding the how and why you got into that state really feels hopeful.  The remedy will help you get to the root of the issue so that it does not linger and then continue to pop up in your life.  Try to see postpartum as an opportunity, your body sees this as an opening, no numbing agents, time to think, being in your body – lots of big issues such as self-care, nurturing and survival instincts are activated.  Go towards it, find support – homeopaths, therapists, nutritionists – think about how you would support your child if he/she was going through a depression and provide yourself with that same loving care.

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