Stimulation, Crying and Sleep


I have noticed over the years that when babies or children are in highly stimulating situations for periods of time they have a need to discharge that experience.  They show this reaction to stimulation by:

  • screaming – fighting going into car seat, being changed or dressed
  • fighting – with siblings – acting out
  • crying – with no real cause
  • restlessness – unable to settle into a task or quiet time
  • inability to sleep
  • inability to nurse or eat
  • frequent bowel movements
  • tics
  • becoming ill with fevers and cold after a big event
Instead of reacting like something is wrong – imagine if you reacted by supporting them through the discharge? What if you:
  • created more quiet, rest time (even if you feel like you are bored out of your mind)
  • more water, more nutritious food and drinks – both mother and baby should be receiving this type of food but most especially if you are with a stressed child.
  • no drugs
  • chiropractic care – including newborns
  • lots of outside time – in natural settings
  • less talking, TV, radio, music or any kind of artificial noise
  • play with water, sand or anything found in nature
  • homeopathic care if needed – if there are symptoms that are out of proportion or reoccurring and you feel like your child is stuck in their reaction then homeopathy is an excellent tool.
  • available parents – not looking at computers, phones, TV, reading etc. just being with your child
  • Eventually you will get a better and better sense of your child and be able to gauge what kind of balance you need to create between stimulation and grounded, quiet time.  It will also be interesting to reflect on your own level of balance as you go through this process.

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