Talk to Your Baby – About the Big Stuff…..

I know that most women have a dialogue going on with their babe all the time but do you talk to them about important things?  By that I mean how you are feeling, what you are thinking, your perspective on something that you experienced together….

This might be:

  • your birth
  • nursing difficulties
  • illness – theirs or yours
  • separation
  • painful experiences
  • violence or negatively charged feelings in the house
  • witnessing an accident or being in an accident
  • grief
Babies are highly aware, capable of feeling and reacting to everything that we do.  Fill them in, give them the details so that they don’t have to guess and make assumptions about what is happening.  You will see a response in them, they may cry, start to sleep, kick, squirm, scream or coo.  They are excellent communicators if you are looking for it.  Open up the possibilities and start to engage more deeply with your babe.
For more on babies tune in to the Whole Woman tomorrow, August 25th at High Noon –  I will be doing a whole show full of my best baby advice for mammas.  If you miss it live you can find it on i-Tunes to download for FREE!

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