Babies that only want to nurse on ONE side!

Lilith's Birth
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Most women find that they can latch their babes on one breast more easily than the other.  This can lead to some discomfort if the latch on the quieter breast is not great or the milk is not being fully accessed from that side.  One of the most common reasons this can occur is due to birth.  Babies experience quite a bit of strain and stress on their neck, head and jaw during the birth process and this varies according to how much force and intervention was used during the birth.  If there was forceps, vacuum, some physical manipulation or a cesarean birth then your baby NEEDS to be adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor.  If it is painful for your baby to turn their head in one particular direction or open their jaw fully then the way that shows up is by favouring one particular breast.  You will often see that they also choose to lay with their head turned to one side in particular as well.  These are all signs that they are out of alignment and their spine and head need some attention.  Osteopathic  care and Cranial sacral therapy are also good options if you have a practitioner that you trust and treats babies.  Chiropractic for babies is powerful.  They benefit greatly by being seen very soon (like in the first week) after their birth.  This supports great breastfeeding, GI ease and helps to clear any trauma that may have occurred during their birth experience.


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