Babies, Babies, Babies!

This week on The Whole Woman my topic is BABIES! There are not a lot of homeopaths in the world that treat newborns and so I have some unique perspectives on newborns, babies and children as I am lucky enough to know these little people from the moment they are born.  I am allowed to watch them unfold and have some level of understanding about the how and why they grow into who they are.

My oldest son in a random gesture of balance and peace!

I am going to discuss some of the foundation pieces of baby care like warmth, stimulation, how birth and breastfeeding affect children but also about what it means to be a conscious parent.  Don’t confuse this with conscientious parent – I mean an AWARE and AWAKE parent.  Governing your parenting by how things feels v.s what you think you should be doing.

That is a giant challenge – if you are up for it then listen in this Thursday, high NOON on – or download the show for your listening pleasure on i-Tunes.


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