The Vaccination Decision – The Whole Woman – August 11th/11

Today on The Whole Woman I will be discussing the vaccination decision and how to make health care decisions for your family from a grounded place.  I will be talking about how to use homeopathy effectively as a tool in creating a great level of health for your child as well as the concept of using homeopathy acutely if any of these illnesses were to occur.  The idea of your intuition playing a role in decision-making, creating a health care team for your child and how lifestyle factors into this decision will all also be topics of conversation.

Locally Classical HOmeopath, Ashley Magiera will be facilitating two upcoming vaccination lecture.  The first on August 25th from 7-9 and the second on November 17th from 7-9pm.  Both will be held at her clinic, Vida Wellness, in Bradford.  To register call 905-775-1101.

The Whole Woman is recorded live at high noon, every Thursday on  – to sign up to receive the podcast for free please visit i-Tunes or


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