How does Art Create a Better Birth?

When I teach the Holy Mamma! classes and normally when I teach any homeopathy and birth related course I have the students doing art.  Why?  I find that it helps us to think more creatively.  Art seems to free our minds.  It connects us to the emotional realm and it allows us to have conversation on a deeper level.  One of the memories I have from school is from grade four when I had a teacher that would read to us aloud for a period of time each afternoon and before he started he would hand out drawing paper and allow us to just draw and doodle while we listened to a story – such pleasure! Here is a quote from one of the Holy Mamma! graduates that speaks to this:

“The art classes I have taken with Piper have brought me closer to myself.  The idea was initially intimidating, but has become liberating.  The Holy Mamma class helped me meet my fears about motherhood through painting and sculpture which healed me in a profound way.  After that class I had my fourth baby.  It was a dynamic birth in which I finally came home to my body.  I now recognize that part of the joy of being a mother and a woman is the gift of creativity.  I don’t have to be an artist to create.  I have found joy in the creation and birth of my children, decorating my home, cooking delicious meals, writing in my journal, and expressing myself confidently in any way that feels good in the moment.”

I offer a variety of art classes – both long and single day programs as well as the Holy Mamma! prenatal classes.  Please check them out on my website – if you have questions or would like to register.  Explore!


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