Remedies for Babies that Refuse to SLEEP!

Two remedies come to mind for babies that do not want to sleep.  They both are based in an etiology of overstimulation so that what happens is that the babies have too much excitement or activity and then are unable to settle themselves down to rest.  What we view as overstimulation and what babies view as overstimulation are two VERY different things. One of the ways babies let us know that something – an experience, noise level, light, contact etc. is too much for them is to refuse to eat or sleep.  When they are distressed these are the two primary places it shows up – it can look like constant crying and screaming, it can look like colic and it can be a refusal to settle into a good sleep.


  • quiet space to sleep – natural light, no external noise like TV (family sounds are fine, even barking dogs because these are organic and familiar to your babe)
  • neutral or mommy smelling bed to sleep in – no perfumes or strong smells
  • swaddling so that startle reflex is limited – it is familiar to feel tightly held (in utero)
  • if you need to get out of the house with your new babe go to the forest – walk in the quiet, natural world, this will be soothing to you and your baby.
Things that create overstimulation in babies
  • malls, large grocery stores, artificial lighting and noise
  • traffic
  • being in a stroller with no buffering v.s a sling which provides protection
  • being away from home and the familar for several hours
  • being passed around to a lot of people
Remedies to consider:
Nux vomica 200C – sensitive babies with a specific affinity to the GI system – they will get colic when they are stressed.
Coffea 200C – ailments from excitement – can’t unwind after a lot of exciting things have happened in a day.
For more specific information on these remedies including dosage please visit my website – and access my on-line e-book available on the site – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.

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