The MOTHER of all Eating Issues


This week on the Whole Woman I will be discussing The Mother of All Eating issues – Lac Humanum – a homeopathic remedy made from breast milk.  This food is the thing that unites us all as humans, connects us to the earth and invites us into our bodies.  How do we maintain this instinctual movement towards food that both nourishes us physically but also makes us feel happy, alive and vital?  How do we nourish ourselves as mothers to provide this for our children?  Food goes way beyond the physical aspects of what we eat and how much we gain, food is about love, connection and nurturing.  We are all capable of this communication with our own bodies – what if we considered teaching this way of being to our children?  Lac Humanum is a remedy I use often for addictions – to food, drugs, alcohol, TV – we are always searching to return to that feeling of bliss – what if it came through a real practice of self-love? The Whole Woman – is recorded live on Thursdays at High Noon – .  You can sign up to receive podcasts via my website at


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