Folliculinum – Re-establishing a menstrual cycle after coming off the PILL!

One of the reasons women seek homeopathic care is that after coming off the birth control pill there can be a period of time of either no menses or very irregular, erratic menses.  There is a remedy called Folliculinum,  made of homeopathic estrogen and it is one of the remedies that I use to help reverse some of the chaos created by the use of the birth control pill.  There are specific potencies of this remedy that have different effects on the body.  Here are some guidelines:

4C – stimulates or brings on menses

7C – is a balancer – if there is an erratic pattern to the menses

9C – is a retardant – for menses that are too frequent

It is best to connect with a classical homeopath to discover the best remedy and potency for you.  I have also done a live broadcast about this remedy on www. – Health and Wellness – The Whole Woman with Piper Martin – that episode is called

The Mean Girl Pill.  On it with my guest, Jenn Pike, we discuss how to recover from hormonal therapies through diet, nutrition and homeopathy – check it out.


4 thoughts on “Folliculinum – Re-establishing a menstrual cycle after coming off the PILL!

  1. Thank you Dr Piperemartin for the addition to homeopathic knowledge.So for as I know HRT is one of the most abused practices to combat menopause and situations like that.The abrupt withdrawal of hormone leaves body in an imbalanced state.Even minimal effective physiological doses need be followed by sub-physiological doses By the way how do you select the potency.


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