Homeopathic Induction – Live Radio – July 7th – High Noon EST

Induction is one of the most searched for topics on this blog, women are constantly seeking ways to avoid medical induction and start labour naturally.  Homeopathic remedies are extremely effective in doing just this.  The right homeopathic remedy will initiate labour, just as if you had started labour on your own.  It is a gentle, non-invasive way to encourage your body to go into labour.  Supporting women who choose to use homeopathy instead of being medically induced is something I feel very strongly about.  I offer FREE homeopathic induction consultations to anyone who wants it – I have maintained that opportunity for women since I opened my practice 14 years ago and I will always make that service available.  I am currently hosting an on-line radio program on VoiceAmerica – Health and Wellness called The Whole Woman.  This upcoming week on July 7th I will be discussing homeopathic induction.  This show will be all about the mental/emotional states that women are in coming up to their due dates, remedies that I commonly use for induction and how to use homeopathy to induce labour.   You can subscribe to the podcast on i-Tunes by going onto my website – http://www.pipermartin.com or search for The Whole Woman on i-Tunes.


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