The Whole Woman – Feedback from the Show

I seriously need to share this love.  This is some feedback from my first show, every day I continue to receive more love and encouragement and LOVE.  This week I will talk to Joelle Lydon, the creator of Crystal Source Circle – an on-line circle for women – open to all.  Talk about expanding the love.  Can’t wait to see where this leads….. Week one was all about the LOVE.

The Love List:

“The Whole woman was amazing!  I am so glad you are doing this for women everywhere.  One day I just know I will be sharing your wisdom with the little women in my life!”

“Piper…SO fantastic! I just finished listening to it… and I loved it.  I am so happy for you.. but mostly, I am happy for all the women in your circle of influence that we can share in your love and wisdom and then be more loving to one another as a result.”

“Finally got a chance to listen to the first episode.  I’m sure you’re hearing this all over the place but it was so awesome.  Flowing, beautiful and very inspiring.  I am so happy for you.”

“Piper, I just listened.  This is brilliant. If anything I am inspired to continue my work, both personally and professionally, just by being able to “connect” to your voice, spirit and wisdom.  I miss you.  Thank you for allowing those at a distance to keep in touch. ”

YEAH! onward we go…..


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