Milk Remedies – Dog Milk, Dolphin Milk, Lion Milk – Human Milk

Me and Mom.
Image by Picture Taker 2 via Flickr

There are remedies made from a wide selection of milks – all kinds of animals and human breast milk.  When a remedy is made from the milk of an animal it is like the animal is speaking through the person/people proving the remedy.  We gain insight about what life is like for these animals but also we can relate to the qualities that animals possess that we share.

Milk remedies share themes such as :

  • connection or disconnection with their mothers
  • a feeling of being forsaken or alone in the world
  • feeling of being unwanted or like an outsider
  • issues with food – communication with their bodies is not clear in terms of what they want to eat, how much and emotional eating is a large aspect of these remedies
  • body image delusions, low self-esteem
  • aggressive, sexual and competitive – all characteristics of animal remedies
  • soothing behaviours – need to feel better, lots of addictions and unhealthy attachments in relationships on a quest to feel connected
Milk remedies are of special interest to me as I work a lot with pregnant women and babies and these remedies tend to appear often in this population of people.  Animal remedies tend to be aggressive, sexual and competitive and how does this fit with being a mother and a woman in this society?  There is a lot of suppression of these qualities in women and this is how they tend to go into a state of being unwell or forgetting who they really are.  This is the gift from the animals as they remind us how to find our way back to the simplicity of just listening to our bodies, accepting our natures and caring for our children in an instinctual manner.

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