The Whole Woman – Homeopathy Live – On-Line Radio

On June 16th I will launch The Whole Woman, an on-line live radio program.  I will be on for an hour, once a week from 12-1 pm EST.  If you are not able to listen at that time the shows will be archived to i-tunes so that you can listen any time – for freeeeee!

To tune in:  you can visit my website and sign up to receive an e-card for each week.  This will contain the information about the show for the upcoming week – topic and guest line up.  I invite you to let me know what you would like to hear in terms of subjects and people you would enjoy hearing speak.

My first show is called The Mean Girl Pill.  I will be discussing the remedy – Folliculinum – homeopathic estrogen – and the way in which I feel hormonal therapies such as the birth control pill create separation between women.  The idea that we are being put on the Pill at an age when we have not yet formed a sense of ourselves and our connection to the earth is making a huge impact on us.  The mental/emotional aspects of being hormonally controlled are not something often discussed and this information is important not just for us but also for our daughters.

Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutritionist will be my guest to discuss the idea of estrogen dominance and how to avoid yet more estrogen exposure through out diets and beauty products.  Jenn will explain why our entire digestive health is dependent on our hormonal system function and how to work towards balance in this regard.

The count down is ON!


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