Homeopathy for Loneliness after Birth

The title of this blog entry was inspired by one of the search engine terms I noticed today.  Someone had googled “homeopathy for loneliness after birth” in an attempt to see what emerged.  That deeply and truly strikes a chord with me and I know for certain with many, many other women out there.  Loneliness is a most excellent way to describe those first months with  a baby.  Is there a homeopathic remedy for this?  Good question. 

It takes some self-awareness and courage to face the many reasons we feel alone as women and mothers.  I think one of the main things that cause separation is a feeling that how we are as mothers is not “right”.  We work or we don’t work, we watch TV or we don’t, we eat organic food or use formula.  Judgement hangs over us.  The ONLY way out of that feeling is to love yourself.  If you work from your heart and only and I mean ONLY do the things that feel right and good to you there is no way to go wrong.  Once you are able to do this the threat of judgement loses its intensity and the possibility of connecting can happen. 

About 12 years ago a friend and I began a circle which we called Red Tent.  Red Tent is a free gathering for mothers and women to talk about the truth.  The truth was we didn’t want to talk about our babies! We wanted to talk about how hard, lonely, anxiety ridden and boring mothering could be.  We wanted to talk about our relationships, our bodies and our stress and amazement.   When you set the expectation that if you want to be a part of Red Tent you need to be real, honest and connected that is exactly what happens.  Red Tent has been running for 12 years, every other Friday  morning – without missing a beat.  A whole community has been created through the years, connections, friendships, support and a little easing of the loneliness.  I know every community needs a Red Tent.  Have the courage to start one in your community.  Set the standard and keep it real.  Only interesting, dynamic, loving interactions will come of this.    Join our FB page – Homeopathy for the Whole Family to see pictures of our crunchy, Red Tent mammas – eating, laughing, nursing, bottle feeding, swearing, sweating, multi-taking and connecting –


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