Ten Remedies to Open New Doors in Your Practice

Homeopathy and Midwifery

On Saturday, April 16th I will be facilitating a Homeopathy and Midwifery Workshop at The Invisible City.

April 16th, 10-3 pm

The Invisible City

474 Botsford St. Ste. 202

Newmarket, ON

$100.00 per person


register on-line – http://www.pipermartin.com on the workshops page.

Homeopathy and Midwifery are a perfect complement to one another.  Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women and newborns and creates options for women who are wishing to have the full experience of giving birth.  We will take a look at the top ten remedies to carry in your birth kit.  These remedies are useful both during pregnancy and labour but also can be applied to postpartum situations and remedies that newborns may need early on.  Homeopathy and Midwifery as a support base creates babies that are welcomed by parents that are present and connected.


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