Remedies for Nervous Fathers, Grandparents or Children during Birth

Aconite, Monkshood
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I am often asked if there are any remedies to support fathers or other people attending the birth.  I think it is vitally important that the people who are with a woman during labour feel grounded and present, otherwise I think it is difficult to offer support to the woman who is giving birth.

One of the best remedies to help a father resist being sucked into fear is Aconite 1M. This remedy works especially well for men that may have experienced a traumatic birth previously.  This old experience has a way of reappearing when a similar situation is in play.  When that happens all the feelings of fear and trauma can be as intense as they were the first time – especially if the traumatic birth has never been discussed or resolved.  Aconite is specifically for:

  • an old fear that is triggered by a similar situation
  • panic attacks – restless, breathless, sweaty, heart pounding
  • dissociation
  • out-of-body sensations – numbness, tingling in body
  • feeling of claustrophobia

Some other remedies to consider include:






For more information on using homeopathy during your birth please visit my website –


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