Cradle Cap, Baby Acne – How to Safely Treat Newborn Skin

the first calendula flower of 2009
Image by oceandesetoiles via Flickr

Cradle cap is a yellow, crust that can appear on the scalps of newborns and stay until children are 5-6 years old.  The intensity of the crust varies from child to child – some babies experience only a few small patches, others have a full head that even extends down to their eyebrows.  This is one of the challenging parts of being a parent – it is tempting to get rid of the yellow crusts, to pick, lift, oil, comb etc.   When people are commenting on the cradle cap it is difficult to just neutralize your reaction to something looking “ugly” on your baby.  The same is true of eczema, baby acne and the many other rashes that appear on the skin of newborns.  Try to remember that babies are clear channels in terms of discharging what they don’t need from their bodies.  These rashes serve a purpose and unless they are making the baby uncomfortable or creating a site for infection they should be left alone -unmedicated – and largely untouched. 

Allow their skin to discharge and there will be a natural ending to the rash which means it will never return.  Cortisone creams and suppressive ointments such as Zinc oxide and Petroleum based products are not safe alternatives for babies.  To manage a rash and heal the skin without suppression try Calendula ointment.  Try a small test patch to see how you baby reacts to it before applying in a general manner.  Calendula is safe and effective – an excellent diaper cream and first aid ointment to have in your family medicine chest. 

For remedies and treatment of newborns please visit my website – and access my on-line e-book – The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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