How long does it take a Remedy to Work?

;Name: Atropa belladonna ;Family: Solanaceae
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Homeopathy works on a 1:10 time frame.  That “rule” applies to both acute and chronic ailments. 

An Acute Example

You are postpartum, nursing a new baby and you start to feel unwell around 1:00 pm.  You are experiencing a throbbing headache, fever and your right breast is red, inflamed and extremely painful.  As the afternoon progresses you feel more heat, the headache is making you nauseous and any movement, light or noise makes everything feel worse.  This is a Belladonna state and this is how mastitis presents in most postpartum women.  If at 4:00pm you take a remedy( Belladonna 1m) – you start to see a shift in the intensity of the symptoms within 18 minutes.  Need a visual ? – 1-4pm = 3 hours – 3X60min=180minutes – 1:10 =  18 minutes.

  Once you see a shift there is no need to repeat the remedy.  Just trust that you are on the right track and wait to see your body resolve the problem.  WATER is also helpful in this particular situation!

A Chronic Example

With more chronic problems such as anxiety and depression the 1:10 time frame still applies.  If you have been experiencing symptoms of panic attacks for 10 years then it will take a full year of homeopathy to resolve both the frequency and the intensity of the sensations of anxiety. 10 years – 1:10 time frame = 1 year. 

 The great news about working through mental/emotional concerns with homeopathy is that once the symptoms are gone they are gone forever.  You will never revert back to that particular way of feeling.  Homeopathy can truly be life changing if it is prescribed well. 

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