Homeopathic Remedies for Grief during Pregnancy

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Homeopathy is an excellent way to support the process of grief.  It allows you to consider the how and why the experience affects you and facilitates the expression of that grief through your body.  This means that when the process is over – at the pace that is appropriate for the individual person – it has been cleared from your body.  Clearing intense trauma and emotion from our bodies on a physical level means it has been integrated into our beings and we can move forward with out being constantly triggered back into the same intensity as the original grief. 

While you are pregnant, you and the baby are emotionally connected.  You are both highly aware of the others emotions.  It is in your best interest and the interest of your baby to work through strong emotions such as grief using homeopathy to facilitate the process.  You will definitely work through it together but there will be comfort in that.  It is possible at any time to work through emotional situations together with your children, I love treating whole families so I can understand how all the dynamics flow together.  For more information on using homeopathy during pregnancy, labour and postpartum please visit my website – www.pipermartin.com


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