Dreaming – What Support do you need to be a Happy Mother?

Paternò - Happy WOMEN'S DAY to all
Image by ciccioetneo via Flickr

If you were going to allow yourself to dream of unlimited support – what would you create?

Imagine what makes you feel happy and then imagine receiving, experiencing or enjoying that every day.  How would this effect your time as a mother?

Our children are KEEN observers.  They are receiving the information when we are happy, sad or mad – despite how we may believe we are hiding those emotions.

They will also receive the information that my mother loves herself enough to do things that make her happy.

Like most children my kids are not happy when I am leaving the house, they prefer to have me home and within arms reach at all times.  However, when I say I am going to yoga they let me go easily.  Why? Because consistently I have told them that yoga makes me happy and when I come home I will feel happier.  They can support that.

Take some steps to start dreaming of support you would like to receive.   If you can imagine it,  it is possible.  Try not to block it with “reality” or “the problem is…” Just imagine what you want and then be open to receiving it.

Have fun!


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