Mentoring New Mothers

I have had this idea for a while that we need to create a mentoring system in our community for new mothers.  I see the loneliness that new mothers experience and it is so unnecessary.  We are all the same when we first become mothers.  Feeling out of control of our bodies, our sleep, our eating, our relationships etc.  etc. etc.  The thing is all new mothers feel the same.   What if you took that experience and used it to support a new mother?  Truly connect on an emotional level and see them.  Talk about the loneliness, share a cup of tea or a Starbucks, fold some clothes and go on your way.  That is really all it takes.  When I had my third baby and felt insanely out of control all the time – my friend Laura would come over and bring me Starbucks, sit on my couch, hold the baby while I had a shower and then make her way to work and her day.  That could get me through my morning.  So simple and powerful.  Find a new mom and  take her under your wing.


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