The Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy – Review

Piper –
I want to say thank you!  I bought your Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.  I was 10 days past my due date and my midwife had recommended having a consultation with you, although we are in New York, she had worked with another woman who consulted with you and was able to get her labor going after the consultation.   I wanted to get a jump-start to our consultation so I bought the guide.   I went into labor the next day and did not make our meeting, but during the middle of my 32 hour labor I got very scared and my labor stalled.  I was so afraid that I believe mentally I was slowing down the labor.  I remember reading in the guide about stalled labors.  I asked my midwife to look on my computer for the guide and she did and went out and bought me two of the remedies and gave them to me every 15 minutes.  I am convinced that those remedies gave me the self-confidence and courage to get going again.  Before taking the remedies I was refusing to do anything that made my contractions speed up, after I took them I was fully on board and working with my midwife to get the labor moving again.  I delivered my 8lb son 5 hours after I started taking the remedies.  Thank you!  Your guide was invaluable to me.
Rachel New York, NY
To purchase your own copy of a Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy please visit my website –

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