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Fertility is really our right as women.  Our bodies are born healthy, vibrant and capable of creating life.  Protect and maintain that balance of your body by avoiding anything that interferes with your hormonal system.   Manipulation of our bodies by outside hormone sources is a major problem – not just on a physical level but also mentally/emotionally.

Controlling your hormonal system for most women means using drugs.  Looking for a quick fix such as homeopathic folliculinum (estrogen) or products sold at the health food store that are for “female hormonal balance” are not going to create long-lasting picture.  You must be willing to engage with yourself as a woman – what is your own natural rhythm, how do you support yourself physically and emotionally, what is your own sense of sexuality v.s what is expected of you?  Most women begin taking the Pill when they are still stepping into this knowledge of themselves as women.  That knowledge gets lost as we use hormones to control our rhythms, our sexual desire and our cycles.

If you want a healthier menstrual cycle, birth control awareness, to understand what PMS is really about, freedom from hot flashes etc. then here are some suggestions.

  • READ –  Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  • Eat hormone free meat and dairy products.
  • Avoid cosmetics, hair products etc. that are altering your hormonal picture – choose things that you can not only put on your skin but would be safe to eat.  Then you know it is not harmful.
  • Consult a nutritionist about supplementing to be hormonally in balance – for example evening primrose oil taken therapeutically is a hormonal balancer.
  • Consult a homeopath and clear any hormonal imbalances and then seek to create a new picture of health for yourself.  It is possible.

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