What to do when you’ve got the FLU!

Berries of belladonna
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you have the flu

here’s what to do

Stock UP

  • Homeopathic remedies:  Lachesis 200C, Belladonna 1M, Sulphur 200C , Eupatorium 200C – and a supply of your own constitutional remedy*
  • Tissue salts:  Ferrum phos 6X, Kali mur 6X, Calc Phos 6X
  • Calendula ointment – for under the nose chafing
  • Water, Good quality juice
  • Your favourite blanket
  • A selection of magazines

Go to bed

If you feel the following symptoms take the following remedies:

Belladonna 1M – Belladonna symptoms come on quickly and with great intensity.  There is heat and inflammation – this can come as a fever – which is dry, the person is flushed and the hands and feet are cooler than the head and core.  The inflammation may present as an ear ache, a sore throat, sinus pain or a headache – usually stronger on the right side of the body. 

Sulphur 200C –  Sulphur is also a fever remedy but Sulphur fevers are  SWEATY,with lots of drainage.  Sulphur is a hot remedy and during  a fever the entire  body will be hot including the hands and feet.  The orifices will be red – mouth, anus, margins of nose and ears.  Sulphur has a juicy cough – lots of mucus and will usually be the one to finish the flu.

Lachesis 200C – sore throat, especially between the throat and ears – in the palate.  This sore throat is usually present when you wake from a nap or in the morning.  Swollen sensation in the throat, swollen glands – worse on the left side, headache on the left side.

Eupatorium 200C – the remedy to take when you are feeling like your bones are breaking, aching, muscle soreness, chills, cough and headache.  This is the worst, deepest part of the flu symptom picture. 

Tissue Salts – take two pellets of all three of these 3X per day as long as you have symptoms and then continue taking them 1X per day for the next week. 

*constitutional remedy – this means your own unique remedy that matches your body.  You find this by visiting a homeopath and allowing them to take your case.  You will be matched to a homeopathic remedy on both a physical and a mental/emotional level.  This  should be the first thing you take when you start to feel sick.

As your symptom picture changes the remedy will change.  Take two pellets of the remedy that matches most closely and then wait.  If you feel better no need to take more.  If you feel differently try and find a new match.


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