HOLY MAMMA! Prenatal Classes begin Feb. 2- March 9th

Holy Mamma begins a new session on Feb. 2nd 7-9pm at The Invisible City.

led by Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med
Classical Homeopath
This course has been created out of my experiences both as a Homeopath and as a mother. I have spent 12 years attending births, facilitating a pregnancy and postpartum circle called Red Tent and generally spending a lot of time in the company of pregnant and labouring women.   I spent several years working as a second attendant for three different midwifery practices and I teach homeopathy to midwives across Canada.  I am offering these classes to suggest that birth is an opportunity for growth and there is a way to engage with that opportunity beyond just enduring it. 

Support, Trust, receive, NOURISH, enjoy, SOFTEN, allow, allow, allow, EXPRESS, Listen, feel, feel, feel, EXPAND, freedom, nesting, JOY, a soft place to land, COMMUNITY, connection, grow into your new self as a mother of one, two , three, four or more……

Holy Mamma prenatal classes are not a traditional approach –

  • we will do art while we are working through topics like fear
  • we will hear a wide variety of birth and postpartum stories to expand your ideas of what is possible
  • we will EAT yummy food while we connect
  • we will experience yoga at Zenbones yoga – the groovy little studio upstairs from the Invisible City

These classes are open to everyone – first time mothers and those looking to create a conscious birth experience.  to register please visit www.pipermartin.com and register through the website.


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