Crying babies – Crying mammas……

Crying baby
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Since my post on crying babies got such a crazy amount of attention I think it warrants another post on the topic!  So – how about the crying mammas

If you can consider how you might support yourself instead of trying to “fix” your baby you may see a shift happen in both of you.  By support I mean –

  • hire someone to come and do food prep
  • create small amounts of space to get some fresh air, exercise or just go for a coffee in silence!
  • eat well – nourish your body as well as you possibly can.
  • allow yourself time away from your baby to re-charge – it makes a HUGE difference
  • talk about what is happening – try not to isolate – it makes it more intense and lonely. 
  • keep a journal – not just a crying journal of your baby but in the bigger picture what is going on in your life.  Perhaps at some later point you might come to understand how the crying fits into the whole shape of your life.

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