Failure to Thrive in Newborns – Homeopathic Remedies

A baby breastfeeding.
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Homeopathy works very well for newborns – it is especially great to treat babies that have not literally had the time to get into patterns of behaviour both physically and mentally/emotionally.  I feel so grateful to be able to see newborns and treat them for birth trauma, injuries, nutritional challenges, breastfeeding difficulties etc.  It is very satisfying to clear issues for babies before they become ingrained and create a level of physical distress or disease. 

One of the reasons a new baby may come to my practice is for a failure to thrive diagnosis.  Failure to thrive usually means that the weight gain of the baby is not consistent or where it “should” be for their age.  It may be that the baby has had trouble with nursing or that the mother may have chosen not to nurse and the baby is not absorbing nutrients from formula.  It is quite an intense situation since it is literally life or death and I do like to treat the mamma as well since she is the one most directly involved and effected by the experience.  I look at many aspects of the situation beyond just the weight of the baby including:

  • eating history of  the mother – herself as a baby (was she herself breastfed) and her nutritional habits both during pregnancy and the postpartum.
  • the birth experience
  • the nursing experience and the mother’s feelings about nursing – level of support she is receiving in particular
  • all the general physical aspects of the baby – sleeping habits, body temp, skin eruptions, bowels, urine, gas, colic symptoms, temperament etc.
  • the feeding environment – who does the feeding, what is the room like, how is the baby held, what is the feeling around food and feeding in the home.

Once I have this information and a good sense of the baby I can prescribe a remedy.  Remedies will ask the baby to begin to shift towards absorbing nutrients and weight gain. Treating the mother allows for a little bit of space and calm to surround feeding times instead of fear and anxiety which is what occurs when you are given the diagnosis of a “failure to thrive”. 

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