How to Recover from a Cesarean Birth Experience

Dr. Howard Vogel, Left, Is Assisted by His Dau...
Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

Recovery from a Cesarean Birth can be very challenging

Physically – it is extremely difficult to move and do simple things like get out of bed, hold your baby, learn to nurse, step in and out of a tub etc.  This is something people don’t really know about cesarean birth.  As women we are expected to just carry on, learn to nurse, care for our babies and ourselves as well as other family members as if major surgery has not just occurred. 

Mentally/Emotionally recovery can take years. 

One of the major groups of women experiencing cesarean births are sexual abuse survivors.  The experience of cesarean can closely mimic some of the sensations of abuse – an inability to move, a feeling of being drugged, medial staff that is disconnected,exposure,  pain and confusion.  Even if sexual abuse is not a part of your life experience a cesarean can feel like trauma. 

  • This is perfectly possible to recover from IF it were acknowledged.  Instead the medical staff and often society at large treat a cesarean birth as if it were a normal experience.
  • It is very worthwhile to attempt to clear any feelings of trauma before you have another baby.  This is possible and it will not only positively impact your next birth but also benefit all of your children.  Babies born via cesarean also feel the impact of your stress and trauma and it is through you that they will be relieved of the intensity of that feeling.

Homeopathy and psychotherapy are excellent supports to access if you have a feeling of trauma after a cesarean birth.  Homeopathy will give you insight into the experience.  This will allow you to clear the feelings of trauma as well as completely heal on a physical level.  For more information about specific remedies to use to support your healing please visit my website –


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