Belladonna and Breastfeeding

Atropa belladona L ag1
Image via Wikipedia

Belladonna 1M is one of the most useful remedies to have on hand for breastfeeding support.  You will need Belladonna if:

  • Belladonna is a right-sided remedy – symptoms will either begin on the right or be more intense on the right side of the body.
  • you have a throbbing headache that is worse from bending forward
  • you are flushed
  • your breast is red, streaky and HOT
  • it all happens very suddenly – you are HOT, RED, THROBBING – it all sounds kind of sexy but it is NOT.  very intense, sudden onset with pain, and extreme tenderness in the breast.
  • dehydrated – very thirsty, especially for sour drinks
  • strawberry tongue
  • may have other symptoms of inflammation as well – swollen glands, sore throat, sinus infection etc.
  • give two pellets of Belladonna 1M for the first sign of mastitis.  It will work as quickly as it came on – that is the beauty of Belladonna….

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