Crying Babies…..and Homeopathic Medicine

Crying Babies – here some new ideas about how to address why your baby is cryin’!

  • Cold Stress – babies get cold easily.  So unless you are staying in bed skin to skin with your babe then layer them up and always include a HAT.  Indoors and definitely OUT – have your babe wear a hat year round.  Think about how open and vulnerable those fontanelles are – create a layer of protection with a soft, comforting hat. 
  • Chiropractic – birth can be rough on little necks, heads and jaws.  If your baby has experienced a cesarean birth, a forceps or vacuum delivery or shoulder dystocia then you should be most definitely finding yourself a pediatric chiropractor.  These special chiropractors use extremely gentle techniques to adjust your little one – which can eliminate a lot of crying, discomfort, neck pain, problems nursing and digestive issues. 
  • Birth Trauma – TALK to your baby about their birth.  Talk honestly and openly and fill them in on the details.  Often when I am taking a case and we discuss a difficult birth story the baby cries and cries during the telling.  They are effected, they do understand and they do need to know the details.  There are amazing homeopathic remedies to address birth trauma and the sooner they are taken the better.  Using homeopathy will address – fear and anxiety in babies = separation anxiety and inability to sleep on their own. 

For more information on how to use homeopathy for newborns please visit my website – and my on-line e-book – A Homeopathic Guide to a Vibrant Pregnancy.


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